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  • Barr & Mueller Report – whitewash turning grey

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           Even a Fox news presenter accused the Attorney General William Barr of acting as if he was Trump’s defence lawyer rather than the nation’s senior law officer, when he gave a press conference effectively in support of Trump before releasing a redacted copy of the Mueller Report. What’s interesting despite all the hollers of ‘no collusion’ and ‘no obstruction’ is how dire Barr’s chart looks. He’s walking into a shedload of misery from May 1st till mid-August with tr Neptune opposition his Mars/Saturn midpoint which Ebertin describes as ‘waning powers, self-torment, a grievous loss’. And more woes and depression from mid May onwards. He may have health issues due to strain. These influences repeat on and off till …Keep reading »
  • Emmanuel Macron – his troubles don’t come singly

           Emmanuel Macron is spinning through a series of crises, some of them self-created with the Notre Dame fire adding to his challenges. The gilets jaunes (yellow vest) protests against economic inequality and rising fuel prices forced him into a humiliating climbdown that will add to the national deficit and make it less likely he can push through any more much needed and promised reforms.  His isolated Presidential style of government is coming under increasing criticism. His initial hope for a Franco-German pact to move towards a more federalist EU has been dashed. And he’s now at daggers drawn with Italy, the UN and the EU and siding with Egypt over his support for Haftar, the Libya rebel leader …Keep reading »
  • Extinction Rebellion – activists walking their talk

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         The activist group Extinction Rebellion (XR) has threatened to shut down London until the end of April by blocking roads in protests in order to draw attention to climate breakdown. Two days of disruption so far have seen 120 arrested and many tens of thousands of workers had their travel plans disrupted. XR was set up in 2018 with one hundred academics signing a call to action over climate change, biodiversity loss, and ecological collapse. A declaration was issued on 31 October 2018 when it was deemed founded as a civil disobedience movement. Activists have pledged a willingness to be arrested and go to prison, similar to the mass arrest tactics of the anti-war Committee of 100 in …Keep reading »
  • Notre Dame fire – Paris disrupted by the Eclipses

               The fire which ravaged the historic Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris yesterday has stunned the French for whom it is a national symbol. It was under renovation and at risk with an ancient wooden frame which serves as foundation for the roof, making it ‘incredibly flammable.’  It has survived remarkably over 850 years, through World Wars and religious attacks. The foundation stone was laid on 24/25 March 1163 JC which gives an expansive Aries Sun opposition Jupiter with an enduring Pluto opposition Saturn.  Tr Neptune is squaring the Saturn within a degree which is a neurotic, panicky, dissolving influence; and the Solar Arc Neptune is moving to conjunct the Mars soon which is equally undermining. The Consecration chart …Keep reading »
  • Pete Buttigieg – a fiery and inspiring kick off

           Just a quickie on Pete Buttigieg, who has become an unexpected rising star since launching an exploratory low-key start to a Presidential bid in January and yesterday made it official.  He declared himself in at around 2pm in South Bend, Indiana, yesterday. This puts the Aries Sun exactly trine Jupiter in a nearly exact trine to a Leo Moon  – so an inspirational, confident, attention-seeking Fire Grand Trine. The Sun is also in a heavy-duty square to Saturn Pluto – but he has that anyway in his chart, so it won’t bother him as much.  If the time is about right Uranus is hovering around the midheaven or in the 10th for a reformist, mould-breaking run. He does …Keep reading »
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  • Tiger Woods – back on top of his game

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         From a near-crippled has-been and the butt of late night TV jokes after his sex scandal, Tiger Woods has fought his way through four back operations to win his first Golf Masters and first major win in more than a decade.  He said afterwards it was wonderful for his kids to see him win after so many years watching him in pain. Born 30 December 1975 10.50 pm Long Beach, California, he has a seriously determined Capricorn Sun square Pluto opposition Jupiter in upfront Aries, so he’s not short of confidence or driving determination. There’s surprisingly little indication of a surge of triumph on his chart apart from tr Jupiter conjunct his IC, opposition MC and square his …Keep reading »
  • Game of Thrones – a myth for our time

           The phenomenon that is Game of Thrones returns to TV screens for its final season today and is expecting an audience of 1 billion across 170 countries. Based on George R R Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series of fantasy novels, it launched on 17 April 2011. This coincided with a tough, military Mars Mercury opposition Saturn in a ruthless and unyielding square to Pluto – influential, control-freaky, enduring, with a high mortality rate. There was also a lucky, adventurous Sun Jupiter in Aries trine a Sagittarius North Node, tuning it into the zeitgeist.  Venus in creative Pisces was also emphasised being on the focal point of a T Square onto the Node axis. There’s been …Keep reading »
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