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  • David Cameron – hoist with his own petard, but ducking the fallout

        David Cameron’s ‘lucky’ Solar Arc Jupiter conjunct his Uranus, exact in three months’ time, is obviously his Papandreou moment when he walks away from a horrendous mess in sheer relief. Today on the news of a Brexit win the pound and the markets made historic falls; there’s talk of UK’s credit rating dropping a notch or two; Scotland who voted for Remain is talking of another referendum to leave the UK and stay in the EU which they might well win this time; Northern Ireland also voted Remain and are now facing the prospect of a ‘hard’ border with the Republic which could brew up the old troubles again. Finance houses and banks may well relocate; businesses will …Keep reading »
  • Lita Cabellut – a good news story

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      There’s a magical story about a little gypsy girl whose mother ran a brothel in Barcelona. She lived as a street kid never attending school, ended up in an orphanage at 10, and was adopted aged 12. Her new parents introduced her to Goya’s paintings in the Prado in Madrid, as well as getting her educated. She is now one of Spain’s most successful artists, her portraits selling for $100,000 and more. Lita Cabellut was born 24 October 1961 and she’s a Sun Scorpio square Jupiter in Capricorn, sextile Uranus – so determined, lucky, adventurous. She’s also got a showbizzy Neptune Mars in Scorpio sextile Pluto Her Taurus Moon may oppose Neptune, perhaps even Mars – so not an …Keep reading »
  • Battle of the Somme – the war to end all wars!!

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      A grim 100th anniversary falls on 1st July of the Battle of the Somme, the biggest battle of World War 1 between the British and French against the Germans. It was the bloodiest in human history with one million killed or wounded. It started 1 July 1916 and ran until 18 November. The transiting Saturn Pluto conjunction in Cancer which made its first exact aspect two months after the start of WW1 in 1914, stayed in orb through 1915/16 and Saturn exited Cancer in mid 1917.  When the Battle of the Somme started the Cancer Sun was sitting exactly on the Saturn/Pluto midpoint; Uranus was exactly opposition the Mars/Saturn midpoint with Pluto semi-square Mars/Saturn. Ebertin describes these two as …Keep reading »
  • Ellie Butler – a legal indictment

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      The tragic and avoidable death of a little girl led to a murder conviction this week for her father and a child- cruelty conviction for her mother, and swingeing criticism of a family court judge. Little Ellie Butler, 30 Dec 2006, was handed over to her grandparents at ten weeks old after her father was charged with shaking her. He was convicted but that was quashed on appeal; and he then appealed to have his daughter returned.  Against the advice of social services, police, her grandparents’ and indeed the child’s own wishes, the judge ignored Ben Butler’s previous violent and criminal history, and sent her back into the home where she was killed 11 months later.  The judge said …Keep reading »
  • Priyanka Chopra – beautfiul and tough

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      Priyanka Chopra is a Bollywood star who is taking Hollywood by storm at the moment. She’s playing the lead as Alex Parrish in the successful first season Quantico TV thriller series; and is filming the action comedy Baywatch at the moment. At weekends she nips back to Mumbai to continue her award-winning Indian film career, with several dozen movies to her credit. She also sings, is well known on the celebrity circuit and does philanthropic work for women and girls’ education. It’s exhausting just writing it down. Born 18 July 1982 1.05am Jamshedpur, India, she has a quick-witted, communicative 3rd house Cancer Sun which is in a square to a formidably determined Pluto Mars Saturn conjunction in Libra; with …Keep reading »
  • Forward influences

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    The neurotic Saturn Neptune square wanes after September and will be gone by this December. The disruptive, rebellious Uranus square Pluto has no more exact aspects, but is still in orb till mid 2017. Then it rapidly pulls away. 2017 – has the ‘constructive change’ Uranus trine Saturn in Sagittarius which picks up from this December and repeats twice more before Nov 2017. Plus a more upbeat Jupiter in Libra square Pluto and opposition Uranus. 2018  –  Saturn moves into Capricorn (actually from Dec 2017) which can suggest tough conditions, though Uranus moving into Taurus in the May forms an earthy and positive trine to Saturn. Jupiter in Scorpio trines Neptune which will be mild. 2019 – tr Saturn is in orb of a …Keep reading »
  • Thomas Mair – unstable white supremacist

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      Thomas Mair has been arrested and charged with the murder of Jo Cox MP and other offences. He was born 12 August 1963 in Kilmarnock, Scotland (anyone with a birth time, gratefully received); was brought up largely by grandparents, has a history of mental illness and although known as quiet and helpful, had connections with American Neo-Nazi and white supremacist groups. Time of birth will make a considerable difference but even without it – he has a Leo Sun Venus opposition Saturn in Aquarius square Neptune probably opposition a Taurus Moon. So both his Sun and Moon are damped down and restricted by low self-worth Saturn and delusional Neptune. He also has a wide T Square of Mars in …Keep reading »