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  • Sadiq Khan – no honeymoon period

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    Sadiq Khan appears to have won the London Mayoral election to replace Boris Johnson. Born 8 October 1970, he’s a former solicitor, a Labour MP since 2005, member of Gordon Brown’s Cabinet and Ed Miliband’s and he’ll be London’s first Muslim mayor. He’s a centre left social democrat and voted for same-sex marriage, though he was criticised for sharing platforms in the past with radical muslims. There was a hotch up in voting in certain districts and murmurs about legal complaints if it came to a close vote. But his win looks fairly substantial. He’s a Sun Uranus Mercury in Libra square a Capricorn Moon so a hard working and freethinking Libra.  But he’s also got a formidable Saturn in …Keep reading »
  • Bernie Sanders – fireworks through May into June

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    Bernie Sanders has tr Uranus opposing his Venus in Libra from May 8th to 27th at the same time as tr Uranus square his Sun/Saturn midpoint and Sun/Uranus – all of which look nervy, tense, upsetting. Then tr Uranus moves on to conjunct his Mars from late May till late June which can be insecure, tending to over-react to prove a point, bad tempered. Though Uranus transits can be a wild card and his Lunar Return for May looks good; June less so. He’s lost the lucky/successful tr Uranus sextile Jupiter which was around up to late March. His bid chart isn’t any help though the time of 12.10 am may be off. When Ted Cruz withdrew tr Neptune was …Keep reading »
  • Ireland – new government on the Earth Grand Trine

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    Enda Kenny has cobbled together a government finally 70 days after the election. It’ll be a minority government and he was sworn in at 14.22 this afternoon 6 May 2016. That gives a 9th house New Moon, Venus and Mercury in Taurus which suggests a focus on international matters, education and communication.  It has the commercially confident, practical and lucky Earth Grand Trine of New Moon trine a 1st house Jupiter in Virgo on the Ascendant trine a 5th house Pluto.  So far so great. But that forms into a Kite with the Jupiter opposition Neptune on the Descendant – which suggests a lack of commitment towards partnership agreements.  The Jupiter opposition Neptune can also be deluded when it comes …Keep reading »
  • Al-Sisis’s Egypt – a media revolt

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    General Al-Sisi’s government is facing ‘the toughest challenge of his leadership as journalists joined unprecedented protests against a crackdown on human rights.’ (Times). Mass demonstrations are prompting calls for a national strike, regarded as an act of terrorism in Egypt. His Presidency chart, 8 June 2014 11.18am, has the revolving crises Cardinal Grand Cross of Pluto opposition Jupiter square Uranus opposition Moon Mars. Mars Jupiter Pluto is ruthless and pushily confident; Mars Uranus is explosive. As the planets in the Grand Cross move by transit or Solar Arc to close aspects to exact there will be clashes. Tr Pluto is moving to square the Presidency Moon in June which will inflame popular feeling; with a destabilising tr Pluto square Uranus …Keep reading »
  • Fort McMurray – a disastrous wipeout

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    The catastrophic fire which has forced the evacuation of nearly 90,000 residents from Fort McMurray in Canada is expected to destroy most of the town. Fort McMurray is an oil town in Alberta which has grown rapidly from a village when it was first incorporated on 6 May 1947 to a city. The 1947 chart has a wide Fire Grand Trine (depending on start time), as befits an entrepreneurial place, of Saturn Pluto in Leo trine a Sagittarius Moon trine Venus (Mars) in Aries, formed into a Kite by Venus opposition Neptune. That focal point and driving planet Neptune is being seriously hampered and under great distress from a Solar Arc Saturn conjunction at the moment. Tr Uranus is square …Keep reading »
  • Donald Trump – the impossible just got real

    It’s certainly an epoch for rank outsiders to sail home as winners. Last July Donald Trump was given a 1% chance of getting the Republican nomination and here we are – the unthinkable has to be thought. The Daily Beast (admittedly biased) said he acted like a loser after the Indiana win, which cemented him as the GOP nominee, was announced. Even he didn’t expect to win when he set out and the question is – does he actually want it? He liked fighting as the outsider but having to act like a grown-up insider may be less palatable. May was always the month when it would start to get more edgy and erratic for him. He has tr Uranus …Keep reading »
  • Leicester Football Club – a Seabiscuit of a success

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    Well they’ve done it. To the hysteria of football fans across the UK, Leicester Football Club have become Premier League champions, the first major title in their 132 year history. When they started the season the odds of them winning were 5000-1 against. This post from Feb 2016: Leicester City Football Club (I am informed) has shot from obscurity into the top of the English Premiership. This happy change of fate may or may not having something to do with moving to new grounds or the even better karma of King Richard 111’s remains being dug up recently in a car park nearby. It was founded on 1 November 1884 making it Scorpio with an Aries Moon; and a Mutable …Keep reading »