Marjorie Orr featuring: Astrology of Today’s News

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  • Hillary & Donald – gladiatorial contest gets more vicious into October

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      The presidential debates are pitched for Sept 26, Oct 9th and 19th; with the VP debate on Oct 4th. They should provide some spectacle, especially the latter two, since the tr Mars tr Pluto in Capricorn will draw closer and be exact for Oct 19th – which is brutally bad-tempered and will by that time fall in Trump’s grandstanding 5th house so he’s likely to be incandescent with rage and hostility. It’ll be within orb for the VP debate as well. The kick-off on Sept 26 starts with a late Taurus Ascendant conjunct Algol, so quite destructive. Hillary’s chart has tr Uranus opposition her Solar Arc Mars for the first debate (and all thro from Sept 3rd to Oct …Keep reading »
  • Syria – another crisis looming

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      Syria has become even more dangerous with Turkey putting in troops on the ground, primarily to target the Syrian Kurds who control much of the territory south of the Syrian-Turkish frontier. A powerful Kurdish state-let could decide to make incursions into Turkey and set off a civil war there. So the myriad factions and factors of who’s fighting who and why in Syria, just became even more complex and risky. Though Turkey like Russia could find itself drawn into a swamp from which an exit will be difficult. The Syria 1 Jan 1944 12am Damascus chart, does look on the brink (again) with the Solar Arc Saturn with three weeks being square the Syria Mars and 3 months of being …Keep reading »
  • Donald Trump – out of the frying pan …….

      Donald Trump, under new campaign management from strategist Kellyanne Conway, is pulling back from his core stance of deporting all illegal immigrants, in the hope of reclaiming some of the centrist Republican ground. Not only is this making him look like a flip-flopper, it is antagonising his grassroots support and the lovely Sarah Palin who’s now voicing “massive disappointment” if he holds to this new “wishy-washy” line. That was never a harmonious match with her rough-edged Sun Mars Saturn in Aquarius opposition his Mars Ascendant in Leo. Their relationship chart is volcanic with a composite Mars opposition Venus square Pluto; and an unstable, fanatical composite Sun opposition Neptune square Uranus. There’ll be further splits between them when tr Uranus moves …Keep reading »
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    Please post below ………. isn’t life boring with no Olympics? ……….Keep reading »
  • Richard Branson – Mars Saturn revisits

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        Another Mars Saturn event. Sir Richard Branson has suffered a cracked cheek, torn ligaments and severe cuts after he crashed his bike on a Caribbean island. He said he thought he was going to die. It happened on the 5th anniversary of the fire which destroyed his luxury home on Necker Island. Accidents usually show up as involving Mars and he has Mars (conjunct Neptune) in his 3rd house natally which is often an indicator of a fast driver – and talker. The fire which occurred on 24 Aug 2011 happened with a tr Saturn in Libra square tr Mars in Cancer – and tr Saturn was conjunct his natal Neptune Mars as was his Solar Arc Pluto. …Keep reading »
  • Nat Turner & Nate Parker – forgotten history

      Birth of a Nation, a movie loosely based on the life of Nat Turner, an African-American, who led a slave rebellion in 1831 in Virginia, was sold for mega millions at Sundance, has won two awards already and goes on release this October. The star and director, Nate Parker, is mired in controversy over a 1999 college allegation against him of raping a drunk, unconscious woman who suicided in 2012. He was found not guilty, having had a relationship with her before and has been supported this week by former classmates upset at “the gross and blatant misinformation campaign” against him. Nat Turner, 2 Oct 1800, was highly religious and had visions which he believed were God’s message to …Keep reading »
  • South Africa – poised on the brink of catastrophe

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      South Africa is not only teetering on the brink of being downgraded economically to junk status, with soaring unemployment and zero growth; but of heading into a protracted period of political and social turmoil. In recent elections the ruling ANC had its worst result in 22 years since the end of apartheid, losing control of all major cities to the opposition. President Zuma has reacted by refusing to interfere in what most say are trumped up charges against the Finance Minister and seizing control of the economy himself. A South African commentator wrote in Business Day, based in Johannesburg: “This unschooled man has pronounced himself commander-in-chief of the economy. In doing so, he has grabbed control of all the …Keep reading »
  • Scottish independence referendum receding

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      A second Scottish independence referendum has become more remote with the latest economic figures showing a glaring deficit in the Scottish budget – spending £14.8 billion more in 2015-16 than was raised in taxes. This is equivalent to 9.5 per cent of Scotland’s Gross Domestic Product, more than double four per cent for the UK as a whole, and treble what the EU expect. Scotland contributed 7.9 per cent of UK tax and received 9.1 per cent of UK spending, which is £1,200 per person greater than the UK average. Nicola Sturgeon’s Term chart 12 May 2016 9.35am Edinburgh, has a high-hopes-dashed Neptune opposition Jupiter squaring onto a setback-prone Mars Saturn conjunction. There is a fairly solid Earth Grand …Keep reading »